Baby Fakie Pants Pattern from One Thimble

The first decision that comes to my mind when I see these is cutie patootie pants isn’t “do I sew these pants,” but rather, “what color thread do I use for the topstitching?!”.  I mean, really.  All of that stitching detail just grabs your attention and demands to be swooned over.

Can someone push that fainting couch over here?  THUD!!!

One Thimble Baby Fakie Pants


If you haven’t read any of my other posts about patterns from the One Thimble E-zines (here, here, and here), you should know that it’s an amazing collection of PDFs, tips, style articles, and all things fabulous and sewing related, dreamed up by the amazing Jen Kennedy of Ainslee Fox.  The patterns I’ve sewn have been so fun and unique, and I’m always dying to see what’s going the be in the next issue.  You can buy the full E-zine or the individual patterns, but the E-zine is a great deal!

But back to the pants…(see what I did there?)

These are the Baby Fakie Pants from Issue 3.

One Thimble Baby Fakie Pants

Topstitching LIKE A BOSS!!!

Once you get everything cut and the stitching lines traced, this really is a super quick sew.  I did have to adjust the sizing to fit my small fry, and I shortened the length a bit, but he still has some growing room in them.  I used a bottom-weight fabric that feels a little like twill that makes these a great, durable pair of pants.  And did I mention cute, too?

One Thimble Baby Fakie Pants


All of this modeling wears a dude out, Mom!

All of this modeling wears a dude out, Mom!

I hope this inspires you to take a look at everything One Thimble has to offer.  I’ve always loved the Aussies and this just seals the deal for me!  It makes me want to hop on a plane and head Down Under!  (But I’ve heard from Megan and Lyn that if I came, I’d have to fill a second suitcase with dresses and fabric from ‘Merica.)  Sign me up, y’all!  This mama needs a vacation!

I received a copy of the One Thimble E-zine to use for this post.  This post contains affiliate links.  I receive a portion of all One Thimble Ezine sales purchased through my unique link.  However, my thoughts are my own and so is that handsome fella in the pics!   

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Stardust Dress: Summer Edition

If you’ve followed my blog much, you know that earlier this year I had the amazing opportunity to sew up patterns from the One Thimble E-Zine.  These have been some of my favorite patterns to sew and they always pack a fashion punch for my trendy, mama-made clothing crew.  (You can read more about the Twist Shift Dress and the Time Traveller Vest in past posts.)  The 3rd edition of what is, in my opinion, one of THE best pattern e-zines out there, does not disappoint!  There are items for boys and girls and a few accessories, and even a women’s dress for some self-care sewing!  This time around, I sewed this beautiful Stardust Dress pattern from US designer, Laura Johnson, from Ellie Inspired.

Stardust Dress-One Thimble E-zine

This pattern is a simple, but classic girl’s dress that really has a great fit and you can change it up a little if you get the creative juices flowing.  Stardust comes in regular and slim fit sizes and I chose the size 4 slim fit for my tiny girl.  I also chose the short sleeve option for the dress (minus the elastic) because we are deep in the throws of summer temps and I didn’t want my poor girl to wilt!  I wasn’t able to get a good pic of the length, but this hits my daughter about mid-calf.

Stardust Dress-One Thimble E-zine

This dress features:

  • sizes 1-16 in slim and regular fit (fits sold separately)
  • short or long sleeves
  • attached pettiskirt
  • button back
  • PDF tutorial with illustrations, photos, and printable pattern pieces
  • Imperial and Metric measurements
  • cutting instructions for rectangular pieces

Stardust Dress-One Thimble E-zine

It also has the prettiest back!  I did change up the sash a little so that it would not have a center seam.  I also used this breezy white and pink madras plaid as my main fabric, with Kona for the solid sash and white muslin and eyelet for the pettiskirt.  As gorgeous as it photographed, the madras really works better on a garment that is more simply constructed.  It is very, very thin and tends to warp a little as you do all the pressing and sewing that a dress like this calls for.  Plus…not gonna lie…lining up all of that plaid was a pain!

Stardust Dress-One Thimble E-zine

Oddly enough, as much trouble as I had with this fabric, my husband said it was one of his favorite dresses EVER.  And I make a LOT of dresses!  I’m thinking this would even be adorable as a sleeveless dress and it wouldn’t be too big of a challenge.  Head over to One Thimble and check out all of the other awesome things included in this E-zine!

Don’t forget to check back later this week for my “Fakie” Baby Pants!

I was given a copy of Issue 3 of the One Thimble PDF E-zine to use for this post.  This post also contains affiliate links.  I receive a portion of all Ezine sales made through my unique link.  The thoughts and opinions expressed throughout are entirely mine.  As is the girl. 😉

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The Time Traveller Vest by Ainslee Fox for One Thimble E-zine

I know, I know.  Time Traveller.  My spell check doesn’t like the Aussie spelling either.  But I’m honoring the many differences that are represented in the PDF world and trying to spell it right for the fabulous Ms. Jen, who is the talented designer behind Ainslee Fox and this amazing vest you’re about to see.

So, now that I’ve got that out of the way, when I mention “time traveler” and “vest” in the same sentence, you seriously have to be thinking of Marty McFly and the old town clock tower and crazy Doc Brown, the DeLorian, flux capacitor, and 1.21 gigawatts.  Nevermind the fact that he went back in time 30 years and next year will be the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future.  Mind blown.

Time Traveller Vest collage

Obviously this is not a clock tower, but I thought it was a cool, historical place for a photo shoot.  I’ve always been a history buff, so I really wanted to think about where we did this!  You can read more about the Heigold Facade in Lousiville, Kentucky HERE.

If you remember, in last week’s post, I showed you this sweet little shift dress from Ainslee Fox Designs.  I loved that little dress and I can tell you that this Time Traveller Vest is just as fun and gorgeous, although a little more handsome.

Time Traveller Vest 026L

My son was SO excited when he learned that I was making something just for him!  I made him a vest for Easter last year and he’s pretty much been begging me to make another one ever since.  I went back to my Parson Gray stash again, and this time pulled out my coveted World Tour Linen.  Swoon.  This stuff is amazing and it was beautiful fabric to pair with this pattern.

Time Traveller Vest 096L

This vest has so many fun details.  I got another chance to practice my welt pockets (nailed it!) and also learned a fun new way to add a facing to the front and neck of the vest.  It has a nice, relaxed fit and even has a belt in the back for a more fitted look.  The vest is fully lined and just like with the Twist Shift Dress, the techniques are pure perfection and the results are just gorgeous.

Time Traveller Vest 046L

This is casual enough for jeans, but it would look great with a pair of khakis or even some crisp linen pants for the summer.

Time Traveller Vest 078L

We even got a few broody poses from him.  This guy

So now you’re just DYING to know where you can get this vest, right?  You can purchase this vest pattern as a part of the One Thimble E-zine Issue 2, which I highly recommend.  I seriously want to sew ALL THE PATTERNS!  You can also purchase the Time Traveller Vest as a stand alone pattern.  Either way, you are getting an amazing pattern from Ainslee Fox Designs.  I am definitely a new fan!  I think this guy is, too!

Time Traveller Vest 060L

This post contains affiliate links.  Purchases made through my unique link allow me to receive a portion of the One Thimble Ezine sales.  Please buy through my link and help support my fabric addiction! 

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